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Breaking News: Queen approves PM Johnson’s request to suspend UK Parliament



Breaking News: Queen approves PM Johnson’s request to suspend UK Parliament

Queen Elizabeth has approved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to suspend parliament according to a statement from the Queen’s advisers, known as the Privy Council.
“It is this day ordered by Her Majesty in Council that the Parliament be prorogued on a day no earlier than Monday the 9th day of September and no later than Thursday the 12th day of September 2019 to Monday the 14th day of October 2019,” the statement said.

Johnson’s request for prorogation sparked widespread outrage and condemnation from opposition lawmakers Wednesday morning, amid accusations that the prime minister was attempting to stage a ‘coup’ of sorts by circumventing parliamentary norms at a crucial point in the Brexit process.

The Queen gave her approval from her retreat at Balmoral, Scotland where she is currently on summer holidays. The Tory rebels and the opposition parties will now face an even tighter window to stop a ‘no-deal’ Brexit when they return from summer recess on September 3. Johnson confirmed earlier on Wednesday that the Queen’s Speech will mark the return of Parliament on October 14, just two weeks before the Brexit deadline at Halloween.

The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt decried Johnson’s move, saying “Taking back control has never looked so sinister,” while also alleging that the British leader is stifling debate.





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